Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Can't happen here mentality

One of the saddest events in recent history since 9/11 happened when that psycho nut job Adam Lanza murdered those beautiful, innocent children and those teachers.  Since it was such a horrific event as 9/11, there is an immediate outcry for reaction so such a thing doesn't happen again.  As in 9/11, we're going to get a knee-jerk reaction as Obama appointed Biden to head a commission to look into how to ban military style weapons from the American People. 
 Now let's drift into some history and not to waste a lot of time, history is replete with Nations that took control of 'arms' and 'weapons' from it's people only to have a massacre of some degree towards a specific group follow afterwards.  Then a dictatorship follows and a Nation and it's People soon perish under the hard oppression of 'so-called' best interest.  
  For the sake of arguments, I'm going to delve into a few history lessons just to make my point.  Imagine living at that time, in that Nation of the following examples.  Before that, imagine you're living in New Jersey, and it's October, you have the Allen Town Fall Festival coming up, Cape May Wine Festival, etc and someone says, hey, there is a strong possibility that we're going to have a devastating hurricane at the end of the month, we better get ready.   Naw...can't happen here.
  Summer, July, 2001, you're working in the Twin Towers, a co-worker says, we should work out a plan in case some terrorist flies a plane into the building.  Naw..can't happen here. 
   Northern Germany, November 1923, you're working on a fishing boat, read the news about a big fight at a beer hall in Munich, nothing much ado about nothing to you, life will go on as normal, can't happen here.
  Fast and Furious guns running operation, results and continues to result in the death of innocent people, can't happen here, no one will get killed by those guns.   Bengahzi, the Embassy Consulate is a safe place, nothing happening in Bengahzi, nothing can happen here. 
   Every year, an average and it's usually greater, 42,000 Americans die in automobile accidents...and all of those people and their families/friends, figured nothing can happen to their loved ones....can't happen to them, happens to other people. 
  Yugoslavia, was a strong and somewhat vibrant Nation under communist rule.  It was held together under a strong dictatorship though simmering underneath, was class, clan, nationalistic, and ethnic divisions.  After Tito's death, the dictator that was the glue, things began to unravel, but prior to that...the can't happen here mentality was the norm in the people.  They thought, we'll never see a civil war among each other, we might dislike each other, not get along very well, but the thought of armed conflict, never entered their minds..until it happened.
   So dear reader, please, never ever let it enter your mind that a 'civil war' could not happen in 21st Century United States...I"m sure Americans had that same thoughts around 1858....can't happen here.  With this current President and a few predecessors, the social unraveling has been minute.  But during this Obama Presidency, it is becoming faster with each decision and indecision that comes from his Administration.
   Our Intelligence and Military communities are hardly what they used to be, in the aspect of honor, respect, heritage of what made this Nation what it is.  Namely, the Judea-Christian Caucasian influence.  Words that were never, ever spoken in public and especially in the arts community, i.e. radio,TV, are now commonplace.  Vulgarity I mean.  George Carlin joked about the seven words you couldn't's down to one and even that one is becoming more of a norm to say.
   Those things that made this Nation strong, have been under successful attack by the Left for the past 40 years, and under Obama, have made great strides in destroying the fiber, the base which held this Nation together.
   The slaying of those children, horrific and saddening as it is, is going to be eclipsed by what is to come. Between the street gangs, organized drug cartels, Islamic radicals, those three elements alone are going to be bringing devastating horror to this Nation.  All because of the agenda of the student of Alinsky and the cowardice of the U.S. Congress to act.  There are elements within the Armed Forces that believe the 2nd Amendment needs to be abolished, this is a fact I know well.  These elements voted for 'the Left' in many of the recent elections.
   How much has our individual liberty been taken away?  How much has our economic prosperity been mishandled and as well, taken away by the Federal Government?  How much has illegal immigration really been addressed and solved?  You need to ask yourself those questions.
   I saw a report on TV tonight of a gun store that has sold out of military style weapons and most hunting rifles, as well as two pallets of ammunition in the past two days.  These people are reacting to what they see coming from the current Federal Government, the unstoppable move in abolishing the current U.S. Constitution.  With a 51% majority that voted for such a Government, and the recent 'union' demonstrations, there are plenty of people willing to move an agenda forward of a Leftist Government within the United States.  So do not believe it can't happen here.  When it unravels, it's going to happen quickly, and what this writer fears the most, it won't be a long Civil War such as in 1860, but it will be a protracted Balkinzation style of war.  Something similar that is now happening to Syria, a once very strong, vibrant Nation that now has numerous groups fighting against a central government and each other as well.  I'm sure they too had the "can't happen here mentality" as well.
    The United States is a Nation heavily divided, this was very well evident during this last election.  There was/is a lot of passion and belief's by all sides that their view is the correct view, often, damn be anyone else who argues with thee.
    I don't know the future dear reader, I pray for the best, I pray for peace and goodwill to win in the end of the day for our Nation.  But as well, I heavily advise you, prepare for the worse case scenario.      

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