Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fiscal cliff and how economy works

Bothers me every time I hear any talking head on TV or radio defending the current President over how his programs are the best and have been the ones that saved the economy.  Bill Clinton was credited often for having a great economy, and like Barak Obama, he 'inherited' it.  How, why....I get economic era happens is always neglected by everyone with a microphone.  We'll take recent modern history, since that's what most every person can relate to....fools forget history and the lessons learned.  That aside, when Ronald Reagan came into Office, the economy was bad, Reagan inherited a bad economy via Jimmy Carter who seemed to mis-manage everything his 'hope and change' election brought to the table. 
     Carter Administration had no vision what-so-ever, nor did American big business, they both just surfed the waves obliviously, believing another big wave was behind that one.  No waves, the water went flat.  Now enter Ronald Reagan, he knew how to create waves, and creating waves takes time.  It's like crops, it takes a lot of effort and time to go from seed to harvest.  Reagan had strong headwinds in the Democratic opposition, but none the less, even big business learned quickly after the Carter and even Nixon/Ford era, that mediocrity, status quo, couldn't keep their businesses going (the smart ones did anyway) auto and steel did not learn.
     But Reagan, he kept moving forward with what he knew worked and as slowly as it moved, it surely did continue to move, grow in momentum at a steady pace.  Then Bush H. took Office and became sidetracked with International affairs and a war and growing 'left,DNC' opposition. 12 years of a Republican President were enough for them, so their energies went into their Party and not the Nation.  Bush H continued tending the crops that Reagan planted and harvested some, but unlike the Great Communicator, couldn't get everyone on board to work the farm. 
     Then enter Bill Clinton, 'don't stop, thinking about tomorrow'....and everyone was feeling good again.  IMO, Bush H, just looked tired and worn out from 12 years of VP/P service.  Clinton's were this huge breath of fresh air, and joys of liberalism, 'socialism' lite, filled the air.  The USA will no longer be seen as the 'military of the World', and the 'overt aggressiveness' of the US Armed Forces will no longer be seen by the World either.  Thus started the political correctness moves that ended so many careers of enlisted and officers in the Armed Forces. (Personal note to you dear reader, I was at my 17th year point and almost quit because I was so sick of the PC b.s. in the Armed Forces via the Clinton's).  
    The economic situation of the USA at the time was good, Clinton was riding the waves and harvesting the goods that Reagan created.  He became/was savvy enough to keep them going for awhile, but then, as with many whom gain power, it went to his head.  Figuratively and literally, you know what I mean.
    I'm not writing this for 6th graders, this is for learned adults.
    Then the 2000 elections came about, and the strong base that the Clinton's built did their best to keep 'their chosen successor' in Office, but reality and votes would have it different.  Bush W took Office, and the economic futures looked promising.  But because of political correctness.....9/11 happened.  The complacency caused by political correctness, it's a cause and effect thing if you look deep at it.  Someday I'll try to explain it deeper.
     The 'reaction' was bad, very bad.  Our reaction was/is based upon our drive thru mentality as a Nation. PC also affected our Intelligence....cause and effect.....why those in power can't see this??!! 
     Back to the economy....two major wars.....a growing National dependency populace.....and then another 'hope and change' Presidency....and we saw what happened.  Now....American did something twice as foolish and reelected..'hope and change'.   With an opportunity at hand to fix the economy, dependency and a poorly run optimism is not very good.  Personal point, this week......from the group that re-elected 'hope and change'.....Teamsters organizer, in the area to build a 'union'.  Teamster's guy I chatted with via my job (no union stuff - my job just crossed our paths), nice guy, we chatted food a lot, he's a big guy, likes his food as do I.  He said he was down this summer, ate as some beachside place, had good seafood.  I told him to visit this one place that has all kinds of seafood imaginable, told him what the place was, this was 3 weeks ago.  Met this guy again this week, looked me in the eye, said he went there, tried their shrimp, and that was the best he's had.  I thought, that's pretty good, considering it's a  seafood 'market'....not a restaurant!! 
     How does this effect the economy?  Same mentality that affected big business in America in the 70's is now at work across the spectrum in America again.  Most of the mentality is within the current Administration and it's supporters.  So don't expect anything great to happen to our economy dear reader, over the next four years.  Remember, whomever is elected President in 2016, is going to inherit 8 years of no economic 'planting' or wave creation.  Negative waves physics theory..what goes up must come down type of wave.  If a positive wave is not created, then a negative wave will be created within that vacuum.
    So as modern history goes, and me typing this out while eating my lunch, I hope you can see how just within a small scope of years, the effects of how a Presidency, it's policies, and the actions/reactions of the American People/Business, all coalesce into our economy and National Security, and your children's future.

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