Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DNC-Left, RINO's out to destroy US Armed Forces

As I wrote yesterday on Twitter, I said I was going to post a theory.  This is my theory, it's a conspiracy theory.  A theory based upon observations of actual facts of events of recent and past history that have taken place in the form of words and actions by others.  Scientist come up with theories much the same way, from observation.
So I'm not going to lie to you dear reader, that I'm exposing any cold hard facts, this is a theory.  Yesterday a despicable event within our Federal Government took place as a group of 'elected' civilians took to making claims, derogatory remarks, indirect personal attacks, and baseless broad accusations.
Here's a link to the story of yesterday's testimonial by the Armed Forces Chief's of Staff and the line up of anti-military, double faced Senators who are doing their best to destroy the Armed Forces and eventually, rewrite the U.S. Constitution.

You have to think about a few things that have taken place in the past, here and abroad.  Every time a new power begins to take hold, the first thing to do is abolish opposition, which often comes in form of the standing armed forces whom are always have historically been there to defend a city,city-state,nation and it's people.  The emerging power, if they can not co-opt the 'military', then the military has to be disbanded and rebuilt under 'their' image and thoughts.  Research it if you doubt me.

When Barack Obama was sworn in as President, one of the first speeches he gave, something that did not just transpire at the last moment, thoughts that just didn't pop up in his mind following a long exhaustive party then presidential campaign.  These are thoughts have been there a long time and now he has the platform to say something and do something about it.

July 2nd, 2008.."We cannot continue to relay on our military in order to achieve our national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."....Pres Barack H Obama.

Firstly I'll provide a link to the site I picked to find that line that has been feeling like a knife in the back since he said it....oh, I apologize in advance, many stupid ad pop ups on this link's site:  But the article is well written and already says much of what I was going to write as historical facts.

Rewriting Obama's remarks, more thoughts are popping to mind.  "objectives that we've set".   Who are 'we'??  Who has taken what time to make what kind of objectives?  Do you know dear reader, the best example of a 'civiliain national security force', in what Nation this currently resides?  This is a Nation, sovereign nation, that has an entire armed forces of soldiers,tanks,planes,ships but as well, has created an equal 'civilian' security force with same power if not more.....that is the nation of Iran.  The Iranian Republican Guard is just as strong as the Iranian Armed Forces, just that the IRG now gets priority.

Here in the United States, the Obama Administration has proven time and again, that it is not transparent, that Obama lied during his campaigns of openness, anti lobbyist in his Government, there is just so much that is well documented by others already.  But now, Obama and the left and their Benedict Arnold Rino's, have a chance to further erode the power and prestige of the US Armed Forces by attacking with this sexual harassment/assault problem.  Removing authority of the Officer Corps is about step 3 in what already has been a constant attack upon our Armed Forces.  The political correctness campaign of the Clinton's during the 90's damaged and ruined many 'warriors' and the Services.  This continued campaign along with the bungling during the 'W' years of Iraq/Afghanistan didn't help.  Then the literally in your face 'gay rights' attack, again putting political correctness ahead of warfighting.  Now, this 'assault' by the Left to take away more authority from the Armed Services.

Dear reader, you really think about this, this is bad, very bad.  We're reaching a point in history that is very scary.  The rise in Islamic Fundamentalism on one broad front, Communist China rising and 'hacking' on another front, a resurgent Russia on another front, our allies in disarray not knowing whom to trust much less be able to take care of themselves on a grand scale.  Here at home, a Nation which is without a doubt, politically divided, at almost 1858 levels, racially divided more so then ever, religiously divided.  With all the 'scandals' hitting DC now, the lack of objective journalism by the Main Stream Media to divulge the truth to the people, the closing net of the rich whom are keeping out more of the lessor wealthy.  We're not in a good spot.  If you live in a bubble world of wealth and good health, you don't have a clue, sorry, but you don't. If you're paying all your bills without worry, you are totally clueless as to what is really happening with every day Americans.  You can walk among them, think you're getting a feel, but you're not, trust me.

Yes, this all goes back to watching those Democrats and few Rino Republicans trying to shamefully, talk down to the Armed Forces Chiefs of Staff.  Those same damn politicians that have and will make speeches of how the love and support our military.  Let me take this moment to throw the largest bullshyt flag and call them out on that.  Anyone of those politicians yesterday, Democrat or Republican, on that panel, if you hear one word of their support for our military, you know are at that moment in time, are being lied to.

Good politicians and our military and the real supporters of the military, the American People, need to prepare and work hard to protect the U.S. Constitution from the usurpers.  That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it.

Another note: last night on Fox News 'Fox Report', they were discussing this issue and someone mentioned about Sen Chandless and the 17 - 22 hormone levels being a factor, well, it is.  At what college and university are the 17  - 22 yr old males practicing abstinence and there are nooo sexual situations?  It's nature, it's our society, and when it comes to the Armed Forces, our politicians have had way too much control and negative influence.

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