Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Look we have SEX over here at State

With all the real scandals that are coming into the light that are directly connected to Barack Obama and his Administration. there has to be something to take the public's mind off of them all.  Break out that three letter little word that stops most Americans and many of the World's people, dead in their tracks when they see it....S E X.
   Now there's a scandal coming to light that involves the State Department, the security teams of State and a U.S. Ambassador.  Don't mind that a U.S. Ambassador was killed, that's old news, and most Americans have long forgot or even heard of it happening...sad.
   This is about sex, something that most Americans relish reading, talking, and watching about, especially if it involves someone from Hollywood or political world.
   What comes to mind during this story and all related to this story, is that how it is all related back to the State Department under Hillary Clinton's tenure.
   Now why would this come out now?
   Two thoughts, first is the foremost mentioned, a distraction for the Main Stream Media who will happily look the other way for Obama.
   Second:  to continue to destroy Hillary's reputation as the 2016 Presidential campaign nears.  The DNC have someone else in mind to be the top candidate for 2016.....someone with name recognition and high popularity among the DNC voters.  Oh, and a woman too.  Take a wild guess dear reader.....the last name is Obama, and the first name is Michelle.
   Why else has she been carefully moving among all the right circles for photo ops....military, schools, civil rights issues.   Hillary is tainted with Benghazi, and now with the 'sex' scandal, and the DNC blackmail squad will be releasing more items over the next twelve months.
    There is no love lost between the Clinton's and the Obama's and this is already a pretty well known fact.

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