Saturday, June 29, 2013

Obama/Hernandez products of environment

  A few sayings come to mind:  "A leopard can never change it's spots" & "You can the wolf/tiger out of the forest/jungle, but you can never take the forest/jungle out of the wolf/tiger".  Same goes for both President Barack Obama and Ex-NFL player Aaron Hernandez.  My better half and I had a discussion this morning after watching the morning news, she like so many, just shook her head in disgust at A. Hernandez for having it all, money, nice home, dream job, but being stupid enough to throw it all away.
  I've read reports about Hernandez growing up, strong allegations of him being tied to the Bloods street gang, 'Blood' tattoo on his hand, and his known use of marijuana.  After having it all, being able to live life on easy street, he threw it all away. Why?  He was not self aware enough of himself, of his own background, of his influences through life.
   Same thing for Barack Obama.  Growing up, from a child well into adulthood,  all around him he had those with very Leftist political ideology as well as being immersed into Islam at a young age.  These are all influences that a person takes from their youth into their adulthood.  Now, at the pinnacle of power and influence, President Obama is not self-aware enough of himself and his influences to break away and do the right thing for the Nation and it's influences on the World.
   Money and fame grabbed Arron Hernandez and that false belief that he was above it all just because of his current stature in life that professional football provided him.
   Ultimate power has grabbed Barack Obama, and his foolish belief that what he has done and is doing will 'change' the United States into his leftist vision and dreams he has of how it should be.  With Obama there is a whole collection of foolish Democrats and Republicans, that continue to empower Obama, which only gives him even more false short term security in his beliefs.
   Young Mr. Hernandez's life is going to continue going downhill, and if convicted of murder, his future will be very, very dim.
    President Obama, life has it's way of ....some call it karma, people believe that have it all worked out, that they can step on toes, fingers, and lives and not have it all came back on one in the future.
   Dear reader, you just look at where both Hernandez and Obama came from, look at how they have lived their current adult lives, and you too will see and understand the sayings at the beginning of this blog note.

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