Friday, October 11, 2013

Excerpt Chapter 3

The following is an excerpt from unpublished book of mine: ThirdWorld USA

    He did not like this assignment location in particular.  Many of his friends died in this region, for what reason he thought now, useless.  Major Cheng Zhi stopped his Toyota Tundra CrewMax, painted with PLA & UN paint and symbols, next to the house of his target.  As he surveyed the area, he saw few people outside, most looked his way with that disgust in their eyes, but the rest of their faces were a mask of non-interest.  He knew better.  "Stay alert" he told his driver and two soldiers in the back of the cab.  
    Zhi walked up to the door, but instead of knocking, he knew he better just show his authority to all watching and he grabbed the door handle and pulled the door open.  "Security Service" he announced.  Those words meant that anyone inside was to immediately show themselves.  A group of men and women stood slowly and listlessly, but with that same look in their eyes. About all the group were over the age of 55 he surmised except for one woman who looked in her thirties.  Zhi made a mental note on her.
   Zhi scanned the room and saw his target, an elderly man, brown eyes, large nose, now with long shaggy hair compared to his file's photo.  "Kevin Tanner, let's go where we can talk."  Zhi indicated an adjoining room of the old now closed restaurant. The two men walked to a table next to a wall, Zhi took the chair with his back facing the wall, looking outwards.  The man Tanner, sat opposite. 
   Zhi pulled out his notebook, turned it on, scrolled a few pages. 

    "I need you to fill me in on the rest of what happened after our liberation forces left and the occupying militia took control," Zhi said.
    Kevin exhaled snorted a breath of air,"What fuckin' part you want to know.  You ChiComs came, killed everyone we know, fuckin' Mexicans came in and killed the rest." 
    Zhi remained calm, he knew this man's past and what he experienced and expected the initial outburst of anger and blame.  Zhi  started to say.."Mr. Tanner.."  
    Kevin countered, "That's Colonel to you" then paused for effect."Major". 
    Zhi unflinching outward, but inside he began to seethe, "Colonel, after the Chinese forces withdrew and handed over responsibility to La Raza's Carranza Battalion, insurrection by American rebels increased and were blamed for the massacre of the residents of the town's of Prentiss and Collins.  The United Nations and People's Republic want to both uncover the truth.  So please, give me your side of the story."
    The old Colonel leaned back in his chair, how bad he wanted to reach across and chocked Zhi to death, but in reality, he knew it wasn't Zhi's fault, nor even those damn La Raza fanatics.  The men he really wanted to kill were for the most part, already dead.  He inwardly laughed, yeah, shot by American Patriots or by the ChiComs themselves, 'traitors once will be traitors again' they announced he remembered seeing.
    Chinese leadership was on plan for that anyway Tanner knew from documents grabbed before the entire internet fell.  Get all the money, secrets, resources, then do away with anyone that would expose or use those items meant for China's growing World empire.  The American traitors gave up their precious Nation so easily, the Politiburo said they would not waste any resources nor house those American politicians and business people and their families.  Down to the age of five, they were all shot with captured American weaponry.   Those children were probably somewhere in the Middle East, used as political pawns with the Muslim and Arab leaders, worse by their now new masters.

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