Friday, March 27, 2015

Enemy Commander takes down America

I am the enemy commander
I hold this position through years of dedicated service to my Nation and to the Military that I love. I hold no animus towards the average people of your Nation, for they are just like the average people of my Nation.  I believe wholeheartedly in my Military, the institution itself, the professionalism, the heredity of pride that comes from service.  I have trained and sacrificed hard for my position, sometimes making friends, sometimes making enemies among my very own as I advance my career, striving towards the goals that I have set forth of myself.

  I am the enemy commander
I often stand alone, though surrounded by comrades.  My decisions are final and absolute.  In order to accomplish my missions set forth by my Government, I maintain a strict balance of discipline and patience, though often the later is challenged by parameters unknown with each day.  My political ideology is that of service to my Nation and it's People.  I believe and protect what has got our Nation to this point in time and history, even though I know it is criticized by the outside.  But I will defend it unto my own death, and that of those who serve with me.  For I know in victory we will prosper, but in defeat, only more death will follow all the way back home.  That is unforgivable.

I am the enemy commander
I have studied your Nation, your Government, your People.  I know your Armed Forces as well as you own Generals and Admirals do.  I have walked among your bases as a guest.  I have seen the impressive power you hold, but I have taken notice of the weaknesses.  I do not for one second, take the task before me lightly, or with bold confidence of victory.  For I have seen and even tasted defeat, and that is something so detestable, I will do all I can to avoid repeating.  I will plan, strategize, and put things in motion in order to achieve victory.

    My Government has called me to take part in a historical event.  They have their own plans and ideas for my Nation and it's People, mine, is just for victory with as little cost to our Military services as possible.  As every farmer knows, or person that tends a garden, you don't pick the product until it has reached maturity.  I have been told that 'the apple is ripe for picking'.  If we do not act now,  the potential for our own Nation's downfall will grow.  Our Politicians, Intelligence professionals, and our Military leaders all agree, the cancer within your Nations is growing and spreading rapidly, and it already has to a degree, affected our Nation.
   Your Government is corrupted, your Media is laughingly, worse than our best propaganda service, covering up the corruptions, ignoring the truths.  Your politicians have increasingly become self absorbed for their own personal gain over the needs of the people they are entrusted to serve.   Your people are so divided, again, affected by the leadership of your Nation's Government and by their own lack of concern in fixing the systemic problem of it.  We have watched your TV shows, your news, read your blogs and comments, and see the pattern of un-involvement, indifference, and outright denial.  For several decades now, your youth has become increasingly aloof to real World and their own National concerns, while their own capacity for narcissism has increased dramatically.
   Our intelligence agencies have used extensive research in conjunction with several psychological profiling programs to watch and analyze your People.
   Even though you possess some of the greatest technology, your educational levels are equal of the most unbalanced and backward Nations.
   So the order had been given.  We few high ranking commanders of each Service, following the second election of a 'historical President'.   We all agreed when someone in our circle cited an American saying, 'fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.'   The rise and unchallenged religious fanaticism should have been put down by the Great Western powers, but instead they became more complacent and withdrawn.  Allowing this other cancer to mutate and spread into the insidiousness it has become.
   We agreed we won't fight on two fronts, history has taught us that well it does not bode well for a victory in war.  Our leadership has decided to take down the biggest challenge first, and then we will begin cutting away the other as a butcher does a boar.
   We were given our order and told to report back in thirty days.  Our Armed Forces learned well from your own, we have already war-gamed every possible scenario against you, even factoring in all other possibilities. 
   My small and trusted Strategic Officers came to me with their plans, as I had already knew what I needed to do.  We reported back to our Nation's leadership our plan and the requirements we needed.  It was approved, with one exception, the date had been moved up.  Recent political gains by the Right within your Nation, and more corruption exposed of the current National leadership, had required our plan to accelerate.  I had factored that in.
    Two ballistic submarines from our Nation, two from our allied Nation.  Those would be the spears we use to thrust into the chest of your Nation.  Ten submarines and several surface ships would also be required, we would ask of our Ally the same.
    Four months prior to Zero Hour, our two 'attack' submarines will depart, with crews that fully understand and are committed to the long voyage ahead.  Each submarine is manned with the bare minimum of personnel.  I requested that two surgeons be assigned to each submarine to ensure any medical emergency will be handled on board without breaking away from the mission. These surgeons will be trained to be the cooks as well, and will train on board during the voyage to stand watches as deemed by the commanding officer.  All members of these crews will be of absolute loyalty to the Party and Nation.
  As I explained earlier, I will set things in motion in order to achieve victory.  Your immigration policies and practices are as you say, a joke, I have no need to 'sneak' people across the open borders.  Your Government and Immigration are bogged down already with their own maleficence, ineffectiveness, and cultural sabotage.  I will fly my own teams in as tourist and students.  Oddly, I got the idea from one of your own action hero's movies, and the timing could not be better, as your National leadership has inflamed the racial divide in your Nation.   My special forces teams will procure Law Enforcement vehicles, uniforms, and using theatrical make up, transform themselves into Caucasian police officers, and at the appointed hour, begin shooting minorities at random. Other SF teams, already having done dry runs and reconnaissance at your various power relay stations, will hit them with disrupting explosions.  A special team, will appear in a crowded mall, as Islamic terrorist and begin random attacks and then use IEDs against the first responders as well as the nearest hospitals. Then all of my SF teams will rally at given points, well out of harms way, then have orders to make it to a safe departure destination or continue to commit sabotage at their discretion.
    The same hours, other teams across the Nation will use drones against several airliners, flying them directly into the engines of these planes as they come in to land or take off.  EID's will be set off all over your Nation on your Interstate system, at the most crowded choke points of traffic.  Power down, chaos, death, will choke your Nation within hours.  National transportation will come to a halt.  Your inept National leadership and lackey media, will look towards the Middle East as culprits.
    Months before this attack, our Nation and our Ally, will sortie all sorts of ships and aircraft on various meaningless operations throughout the World in contested areas.  This will lull you into a pattern of complacency for which is a norm for you, as history has proven.
   As was well noticed following the successful terrorist attacks of 9-11, no Nation came to your direct aid, other than with words.  With the World economic situation and growing Islamic terrorist threat, the other Nation's of the World will wait and see what happens within your borders, politically, logistically, and economically unable to do anything but watch.  Intelligence estimates believe radical terrorist will use this fall of the giant, as a sign or opportunity to challenge each Nation they reside in, causing further chaos to your Allies, or what Allies you have left.
   Then at the given time, the four submarines, which have taken very long, slow route to their designated target areas, will receive final confirmation, target and launch orders.  Since they will literally be on your doorstep, the missile flight to targets will be within minutes of launch.  Your major military bases will be hit, followed by an EMP strike.  If only two submarines are able to launch, this will be enough, if all four launch, your entire Continental military structure will be destroyed.
    The entire operation will take ten days to accomplish. Our intelligence estimates just from this operation will put your National 'body count' as your media fixates upon, at 3 million.  Within the following month, another 5 million will die, mostly the elderly and sick in hospitals, retirement community hospitals.  We anticipate various disease to rapidly grow such as cholera, measles, chicken pox due to the lack of sanitation and control of influx of 'immigrants' the past few years that has spread once controlled diseases.
   Law and order will have broken down, and the millions of street gangs and various militia's across your Nation will begin to carve out their own territories, adding to the misery and death.
   The United Nations will meet and our leadership will offer their reasoning for the attack and a solution in concert with our Ally to bring stability back to the World.
    Remaining U.S. Military assets across the World will be left without leadership in America, and our leaders will advice that each Nation act as benefactors and offer citizenship to the remaining Military personnel.  Our Intelligence estimates that most Middle East Nations will seize all U.S. military equipment and most likely execute all personnel.  European, Central American, and Asian Nations will provide short term hospitality but within months, also seize control of equipment and personnel as they look for their own long term interest realizing that the United States no longer exist.
    Then a meeting will take place of the remaining economic World Powers, led by our Nation and our Ally, we will draw up plans to sub-divide your crumbled Nation amongst ourselves.  Then we will begin the next phase of World order by addressing the religious fanaticism across much of Middle East and Europe.  

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Brian said...

I should have added this thought to this scenario as well since it did cross my mind. It has also crossed the minds of our 'enemies'.

Earlier this week, the Russian president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems outlined two geophysically weak US regions to attack in order to combat NATO's aggression toward Russia.

In his article, Konstantin Sivkov justifies the option of "complete destruction of the enemy" because NATO has been "moving to the borders or Russia."

Sivkov, listed as a "Docter of Military Sciences," described scenarios that involved dropping a nuclear weapon near Yellowstone's supervolcano or the San Andreas Fault.

In short, hit the US with two EMP's, uses some tactical nukes on Yellowstone and a major fault line such as San Andreas. This Nation will be done for. Death, disease, civil unrest will consume the USA within 90 days and then the rest of the World can walk in and pick our bones.