Monday, September 3, 2007

Couric and a quick comment

Good evening dear reader. This is just a quick comment tonight, it's a busy night here in the CSW household. My better half is flying home to see her mother tomorrow morning at zero dark thirty and I just wanted to let you know why I don't have a good long rant for you to waste time on tonight. We were watching Bill O'Rielly while having some supper and he did a story about the CBS (Clintons Buddy Soros) network concerning free speech and Mr. Brian Rohrbough's view on what's happening to America. What I heard Mr. Rohrbough say, is dead on correct. (My wife and I went for a walk tonight in our very middle class neighborhood after supper, our path crossed three young males 15 - 16 years old on bicycles, two white, one black, my thoughts since they were staying in the dark away from any street/house lights, so my thoughts immediately went for what can I pick up to defend us - not something like Mayberry RFD thoughts of how you boys tonight). Katie Couric's choice of words after reporting the story REVULSED me even more towards CBS News. Her term 'repugnent' indicates not a word of a REPORTER, but of commentator. So we see again, that the CBS News under cute little Katie Couric is not a gather the facts and report the facts as they are 'news' entity, but a commentary show that obviously sides with socialism and leftist ideology. Which is why I still don't watch CBS News but will continue to watch Fox, NBC, and ABC - at gather my sense of the facts and make my decisions.

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