Monday, September 3, 2007

Israel in a corner

Monday, October 02, 2006 9:30 PM
*This a special edition of CSW* I was just reading on WND about Hamas' arms build up in the Gaza strip and Hezbollah's assistance. I also read where the 'regular' Lebanese Army has deployed along the border with Israel and their general GB Michel Sleiman has stated that the Lebanese Army is reading to confront any Israeli aggression. So in truth, they've joined Hezbollah, plain and simple. Now Hezbollah is building southern front 'using' the Palestinians (isn't this an old story???) and have co-opted the Lebanese military into becoming another arm of Hezbollah on the northern front. Syria's President Assad has been puffing his chest and talking war openly with Israel over the Golan Heights. Now in Lebanon keeping the Israelis in check is the U.N. , headed by France, all actually and in truth, aiding Hezbollah and in the long run, Iran, by keeping the IDF out of Lebanon while Hezbollah re-arms and they all prepare for a soon to be joint coordinated attack upon Israel. If this does not materialize soon, time will work against the HHSI (Hamas-Hezbollah-Syrian-Iran) alliance. The UN Security Council will have to act against Iran's continued defiance to come to real terms over it's nuclear (arms) ambition, or face a nuclear armed Iran sooner than later. Iraq should have taught everyone in the U.N. that 'Intelligence' estimates and reports are often wrong. History is repeating itself with Iran, with 'intelligence' sources estimating that Iran is anywhere from three to ten years away from having a nuclear bomb. Iran has to be much closer than this with all the testing they've done with long range missles and the stall tactics they keep playing on the U.N. So enter the HHSI alliance to keep everyone off track by using Israel as a screen and diversion, and with the IDF stymied as bad as our military by POLITICIANS and MEDIA, no real victory can never come about by the 'good guys' since innocents would get killed if the military was let loose. But the innocent civilians of Israel and the United States will be allowed to be slaughtered in the name of psuedo-peace, Geneva Convention rules of war that only we follow, and incompetent politicians directing military forces. Israel's only hope is that the IDF is unleashed at the time of any joint attack or provocation by the HHSI, anything less will only allow the continuation of the growing strength of the anti-Israel forces.

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