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Republicrats Islamos

Saturday, September 30, 2006 5:16 PM
Dear reader - do you have a headache like I do?? What a week it was again. Did your problems that are invading your life come from something you did or poliiticans and Islamo fascist? I had a bit of a health scare this past weekend, so this was a week of recovery for me. But thankfully, the news kept my heart rate up so as not to stop any function in my bod. Mark Foley, what the heck were you thinking??!! And I wonder why NOW does it come to light so close to election day??? Coincidence??? I think there are some intrepid bloggers investigating this one and they should. There's more than one rat in that story especially since the 'Page' involved is from Louisiana. I read the ABC posted transcripts last night of the emails....if they are for real....Mark, you got a problem, but I don't let that kid off too easy either. WHY ---- did he keep that correspondence going?? We'll all hear more of this ad nauseam this week. While in actions of my job, I had Neal Boortz on this week, and he was reading something about the Ten Reasons why Islam will prevail over the West. So I 'Dogpiled' an internet search and found a couple good sites that listed very sound reasons why. You can do the same dear reader, I trust your intrepidity. But I have some thoughts, random as they usually are, but still, do really think them over and share them with family, friends, co-workers. If Islam and Sharia law rules America: Number One: There will be NO GAYS in America, homesexuality is FORBIDDEN under Islam, and think of the number of executions Islam will carry out in the US?? Number Two: America's Sunday passtimes of church, beach, family gatherings, cookouts, and ALL professional American sports will be forbidden. They reflect the 'decedent' American culture, and 'Sunday' is not a religious day in Islam, it's Friday. Adding to this, Friday night out, will no longer happen since it usually involves alcohol which is FORBIDDEN under Islam!!! Remember Ahmadinejad from Iran said he wouldn't attend the U.N. dinner because alcohol would be served!!! All the males would be 'required' to be at a mosque on Friday evening and all you WOMEN will be home taking care of the children and house where you belong - UNDER ISLAM and Islamic law!! (That last statement is relating to Islam, not my beliefs!! I love the ladies!) Number Three: All other religions will be 'forbidden' because you will either have to CONVERT to Islam or just be in a slave status not allowed to pray to whatever Diety you believe in. If you think we'll end up with some nice little secular islamic government like Turkey, think again. If the U.S. falls, the radical path of Islam will prevail in every Islamic country and here as well and any country that Islam takes over. Now this is just a small fraction of what will happen if Islam takes over the U.S., please chew on just those thoughts. I could write out much more, but just think of what happened in Afghanistan when the Taliban took over there and how that life and what your life here is and what will change oh so much if the religion of peace and love Islam takes over here. Few other thoughts real quick, how much of your life has already changed because of Islam??!! How much more are you restricted of doing, saying, wearing, since Islam has become more involved in our lives?? For me, Islam is destroying the country and way of life I grew up with, the way of life my parents, grandparents, great grandparents all enjoyed. The original intent of America was religious freedom, but Islam is only concerned about Islam and nothing more. I would say that Nazism should be outlawed for what happened during World War Two because of the Nazis, that is common sense. Islam is one religion I do not foresee being any benefit to what was and is America and free thinking societies. In the end dear reader, Islam will be unable to co-exist with any other religion, ways of life, and/or political ideals. I mentioned that in some other blog posting, but it's worth repeating until it's understood. Is Islam really worth tolerance by everyone else??? Do the practicioners of Islam really understand what their role is v. the rest of the World's people? I'm willing to bet, educated people who practice Islam must face enormous pressures and question themselves daily as to their beliefs. Some day I'll get on a self religious rant and explain my thoughts about God and His messengers. But today, my words and my fight is against those who would stop me from even writing this and gleefully slit my throat, who would persecute friends of mine becasuse of their lifestyle, who would enslave my daughters and make them whores. Part Deux of Republicrats (term 'republicrats' is a Michael Savage creation). My local fish wrapper/daily rag/and another tentacle of the Gannet news service monopoly, printed a story today about 'Lawmakers wrapping of a so-so session'. The writer DB Berry was kind enough to break it down to a what congress did/did not do part. Well dear reader, they did spend a lot of your tax money. My interpetations as well follow, they did: A) sent the President a bill allowing military commissions to prosecute terrorism suspects with legislation that spells out violations of the Geneva Convention. What CSW interpets: Another victory for the World's leftist community since the U.S. is the only country that would follow the Geneva Convention during time of war. B) Sent the Pres a $448 Billion bill for Iraq/Afghanistan. CSW interpets: more money down the drain to the few rich while a main road next to me is still full of pot-holes and is having a half-baked drainage system installed. C) CWS interpets in same breath: Congress 'worked' towards (which means they didn't think it's important enough to finish) finishing a nearly $35 Billion 'homeland' security bill which includes (I'm choking now) an overhaul of FEMA (and Katrina happened when???) and $1.2 billion for increased border fencing (a fat government contract). D) Lawmakers (follow me close here dear reader) tried - tried - to wrap 'negotiations' on a bill increasing security at ports regarded vulnerable targets since 9/11.....2001!!!!!! It's 2006 now!!! While your Reps run their yaps prior to this next election, ask them what the heck have they been doing for the past five years!! E) Senate 'prepared' vote on a bill prohibiting anyone but a parent to take a girl (I presume a minor) across a State line to obtain an abortion. CSW says: It's election time and not time to play with that issue so we'll push it off another year or two or three. The Senate (actually) authorized a $1.5 Billion program to 'create' new national heritage aras and tourism projects. CWS says: follow that money very closely. F) (Another bill about making seaports safer yada yada, Republicans added a measure to restrict internet gambling??? What the heck does that have to do with terrorist??) G) Not worth my time since it's just more political b.s. What Congress did not: A) House and Senate could not reconcile differences over legislation allowing warrentless wiretaps..... CSW says: the terrorist thank our Congress for being idiots and playing politics with the lives of Americans and other innocent people around the World. B) Did not renew a host of tax breaks.....CSW says: Congress says you little people are not important but we do get a raise, perks, and know all the secrets of the Ameican people but not the terrorist. D) Efforts to merge different House/Senate bills expanding offshore drilling. CSW says: Chavez is happy to sell us oil at inflated prices since Congress has a raise and perks it won't affect them. E) House/Senate couldn't reconcile differences to lobbying scandals by passing ethics bills. CSW says: I need my Pepto-Bismol. Dem William Jefferson's refrigerated money, Rep Mark Foley's emails. These people are talking ethics??!! F) New York and New Jersey senators blocked a $2.1 billion bill for victims of HIV/AIDs (here in the US!) because it would shift aid from urban to rural areas. CSW says...: Hillary Rodham Clinton is a New York Senator....remember that during election times.....anyone living outside of NYC is not worthy to the high and mighty, remember that too during election times. Now I begun with explaining I had a health problem and the politicians with all their b.s. and inibility to do what is right for this country and it's people for the sake of their political 'careers' kept my heart beat up. And Islam....keeps on blowing up themselves and innocent people in the name of Islam, yeah, I want you for a neighbor. Have a good weekend dear reader.....I"m going to work on posting to my blog twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday. Since I do this for free and a naive belief it may make a difference, is why I'm going to do a twice weekly contribution, plus I have so much on my plate with life, I just don't have the time to devote to this to give you, dear reader, something of substance and not just blather that may waste your time as well.

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