Monday, September 3, 2007

NFL, MAD, Gorby

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 9:17 PM
Not sure of the validity of the reports of dirty bombs being used at NFL stadiums this weekend, but between that report in the LATimes and the one WND talking of a second 'muslim' warning to all muslims to leave the U.S., coincidence does not apply here. It's been very evident that the Islamic nations are only doing to combat the Islamic terrorist threat to appease Western governments and the blind media. It's very evident that the Islamic nations have no intentions of going all-out to fight the growing Islamo-Fascism movement, mostly out of fear for their own lives rather than religious conviction no doubt. If......any NFL stadium, any U.S. city, any kind of WpMD is used anywhere in the U.S.A., our retalitory response must be swift, decisive, and without remorse to the innocent lives that will be lost on the other end since the innocent lives on our end did not matter to the Islamic World. For each city struck here, an Islamic city will be struck back in kind....and our bombs are much more powerful as the survivors will witness. Diplomacy with the Middle East has been proven that strength and deeds of strength are respected, hollow words and cowardice are treated as dirt. Gorbachev said that if the U.S. builds a fence on 'OUR' southern border, it will be like the Iron Curtain of Berlin. Guess he does not know his history that the Russians/Soviets built walls and fences to keep their people in. We're trying to keep people out, illegal people, and that point has been made to exhaustion. The Soviet Union fell in your Administration there's a wonder you're still alive. The Clinton Administration did it's best to topple the American dream, but that's the difference between a truely free society and all other societies. We're still standing and still strong.

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