Monday, September 3, 2007

Who's Responsible

Saturday, October 14, 2006 9:21 PM
Watching NBC News this evening, they had a report about crime, the one we've heard for the past few days that crime has been going up since 2005 whatever. Bottom line responsible party being blamed for this is THE FEDS. The Federal Government...Bush...yada yada....the war on terrorism and homeland security has been taking all the money that was used for law enforcement. Previous post I told you who was responsible....Kalifornikation of the U.S. and anywhere else on the globe that is having problems with 'youth'. Heard on ABC radio of a high California'....where the adults were powerless to stop the high schoolers from freak dancing. Guess we know who runs California. That alone is even more reason to move all military bases out of California, not to mention the approximation to Mexico, the earthquake equation, wild fires, Chinese influence and population growth. But the sheer breakdown of morality, the moral fiber that built this country, with the growth of gangs and continued drug trade, threatens national security even more. California is much akin ot Iraq. Iraq has drawn out terrorist and terrorist wannabe's, California is the mecca of the anti-law and order. Back to the crime. Who's responsible??? You are. If you want to endure crime, you will do nothing. If you want to eliminate crime, you'll stand up and fight it. If the call for the Federal government to do everything continues, this country might as well turn to Socialism and forget democracy. Hillary will be a good start. Make her President and the move towards socialism will begin and you dear reader will not have to worry about anything anymore. The Government will take care of you and all your problems. Course this will last for about 20 years, then the money will begin to run out, the few rich will remain behind guarded walls while the rest of the country moves towards chaos. Kind of like what is happening to France right now.

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