Monday, September 3, 2007

Sex, lies, videotapes, and IF

Thursday, October 12, 2006 9:33 PM
Ever get to a point where all this election solicitation and media coverage makes you just nausiated? That's where I'm at. With all the stories about Foley, North Korea's nukes, Iraq war, Immigration, school shootings, just moshing the brain on a hourly basis.....I think most people would agree, enough is enough. Republicans are pointing at the Democrats, Democrats are pointing at the Repubicans, all smaller third parties are pointing at them and each other, "it's their fault..." as to why this/that has happened or not happened. Guess flash.....non-FoxNewsAlert....if you're a politician present and's your fault, and it doesn't matter what party letter follows your name....IT's YOUR FAULT. (You = politicians) You are on the ones in charge, you are the ones with all the power, you are the ones with all the secrets, you are the ones that make, change, alter, the laws. You have stymied the American people by making Americans go through ludricrist securtiy checks at airports. You have tied the hands of the American Military again as you did in Vietnam, we lost over 54,000 American military personnel in a fubar war, as we are losing over 3000 and counting American military personnel again, in a fubar war as their hands are tied. I mostly blamed the Democrats, Democratic National Congress, CAIR, ACLU, Liberals, and Hollywood for the insane policy our military must follow in Iraq. Today we've heard that crime has gone up in the United States, by mostly young people. Lean in closely while I say this......duh. With HOLLYWOOD spitting out more and more movies of mindless crime, with unconscionable individuals and companies spitting out video games that glorify gang life and 'Bullying'....with the record industry spitting out just pure (c)Rap music that glorifies again, gang life, murder, rape, theft, etc....and the usual suspects stated above (Democrats, etc, etc) endorsing and advocating all of this, it's NO WONDER, that our society has begun the first stages of it's eventual decline and fall. No politican, actor, lobbyist, advocate, has come up with a concrete strategy much less a working viable idea to ensure that the democracy and way of life of this country will continue. This day, it's all about capitulation in one form or another to anyone who is not of a Christian European ancestory and what built this country for 185 years to 1960. What I grew up most resembled Mayberry RFD, a life of simplicity, honestly, values, AND a very vast majority of caucasions who obeyed laws, went to a Christian church of their choosing, and divorce was very rare. God - I miss those days...and I"m addressing God, not just using His name in vain. I hate what socialism has done to my country, I hate what Islam has brought and done to my country. Both of those entities have brought nothing but destructive negative change to what was once a great country. It's ONLY the monetary value that keeps America going now. Values of honor, values of work, values of learning, values of all that is good, exist only in a very few in this country. Most people are now just 'content' to exist, moving like lemmings or rats in their daily lives. Our Universities are ranked on which is the best partying school, the value of the classes given are only useful to the institutions themselves as lifeblood to their own existence. Currently the original CSI is on, a story of a roving pack of male youths beating and killiing innocent people. My ending to this show would have several SWAT teams gunning every one of them down like the vermin they are. They have no redeaming social value to society when acting like that. Trash like that will not find a cure for cancer, fight wild fires, ensure plants and animals have a safe place to grow in peace without human interference, they will not hold a door open for an elderly person, they are trash and deserve not the liberty of justice of a court of law, but a quick death to stop their madness. But, the usual suspects stated above (Democrats, etc) would say the victims were the ones in the wrong, and have these animals back onto the streets in no time, to kill and maim again. Some day, in the far future, maybe an old politician, one time American, is going to think about what was once the Untied States of America, and think about all that happened and what could have been done to save America, and the first word will be 'If'. Well dear reader, 'if' this seemed quite pessimistic, doom and gloom, just watch and listen to the news tomorrow and see how you feel inside.

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